Sales Consulting Solutions Ltd

Growing a UK presence
How a hot new SaaS vendor needed that initial UK win!

In 2012, Coupa, an emerging SaaS vendor in e-procurement was on a crusade to grow it's international presence.  Working alongside a UK partner organisation, SCS embarked on a sales campaign using it's extensive network and soon developed a pipeline of opportunities.  One in particular was a major UK media group that was precariously close to making a decision to select a competitor in ignorance of knowing Coupa even existed, having 'missed' them in their initial procurement sweep of the vendor marketplace.
Following an initial introductory mail and phone call to the head of procurement a meeting was arranged for the very next day where SCS presented Coupa who were subsequently shortlisted and within two weeks Coupa executives were fully engaged with the client and awarded the business from behind after due diligence, functional reviews and contract negotiations.
Today this high profile UK media company with over 1,000 internationally based staff benefit from Coupa for all their purchases via Coupa's innovative, device independent, service.  Also Coupa spend management caters for over 4,000 office and ancillary personnel expenses submissions and management thereof.