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Value Proposition development services

Making sense of what your customers want

Often vendors draw conclusions about how it engages its customers inside out i.e. value propositions, engagement strategies, go to market plans are decided upon by those that sell and market without the input of those who matter most - the customer!

This position is supported by the fact that CxO's state that circa 90% of vendor value propositions they see fail to get their attention because they: -

  • Are written in a language they don't understand
  • Fail to speak to real business outcomes
  • Often lack credibility
  • Are focussed on the vendors technology vs the customers business needs

SCS adopts an 'outside in' approach to ensuring resonance at the point of communication with a customer.

We achieve this by building Executive level representatives of enterprise customers into our project team from the outset, giving them a role in advising Value Proposition development and refinement through the customer lens.  This access together with our unique understanding of enterprise level investment planning and business case development, results in greater resonance faster and with greater accuracy to stronger business outcomes for you and your customers.